About Us

We’ve all heard that women are from Venus and men are from Mars. One question… where are the engineers from? This site takes a (mostly) light-hearted look at that geek in your life who means well, but usually can’t seem to get it quite right!

There is absolutely nothing on this site which has been subjected to scientific scrutiny – it’s simply here for your enjoyment. We have no staff psychiatrists, nor anyone who has taken a course in psychology. In fact we disqualify anyone with those qualifications from working with us – can’t let the truth get in the way of a good story, can we?.

Our stories and ideas are all based on anecdotal evidence, taken from conversations with other engineers. We DO talk to each other – we HAVE to. No one else will talk to us, except the accountants, and they put us to sleep too!

Please don’t write notes about how we have it all wrong – as you see, we’re engineers too. We don’t really care what you think! WE have ALL the right answers!

A Word about gender…
Engineers are both male and female. Recent research on the brain has shown that there are two major brain types – the predominantly female brain and the predominantly male one. As in many other places, the 80/20 rule applies – 80 percent of either sex has the brain type appropriate to their gender, and this same ratio applies regardless of sexual orientation.

We use the male gender throughout this site as our conjecture is that most engineers have a male brain. One sure test – if you are unaware of conversation going on around you when you are actively reading a book, then you have a male brain. For more on this topic, read the sometimes hilarious book “Why Men Don’t Listen And Women Can’t Read Maps: How We’re Different And What To Do About It ” by the husband and wife team of Allan and Barbara Pease – highly recommended

Other types of Geeks
Geeks are largely distinguished by their reliance on the IQ form of intelligence, at the expense of the Emotional form of intelligence. Other places you might find geeks includes fields like information technology, accounting, actuaries, mechanics, electricians, and virtually anyone with a PhD. There – we’ve successfully insulted half the known world.

Many of the ideas and suggestions contained on this site may well apply to those forms of geeks as well. Use them at your own discretion and risk.