He's on your left, your engineer is on the right


Imagine! You are on a tropical vacation. The weather is everything that was promised. You’re lounging poolside, enjoying the view and conversation with the Adonis on your left. He’s fit, muscled, and confident! What a wonderful man to have in your life! Too bad your engineer is on your right side, and he’s none of those things!

He IS capable of focus on so many things. So why can’t your engineer look after his body a little better?

To understand, let’s review a little history – his history!

Most sports for children are team sports – we want our children to get exercise AND develop team skills that will serve them for a lifetime. Team sports require cooperation, which requires that team members think in a similar fashion, or at least be able to understand how the other person thinks.

Are you seeing the problem here?

Even as a youngster, you engineer was incapable of thinking like other children. His mind drifted to ways to make this game more enjoyable for him by adding a few variations that would make the game far more complex. The other kids had no tolerance for this, and rejected your future engineer.

Let’s face it; the athletic fields were no place for that budding young mind! So the growing young body did not get the exercise of his peers, with the result that your engineer never developed a taste for exercise – and probably still hates team sports to this day!

Now you understand him a bit more, but how do you get him to exercise? To appreciate and work to maintain his health?


Yes, I said bribery!

The bait for such a bribe?

Who else? The one woman who tolerates his obvious character faults and celebrates his strengths – other than his mother of course! Sorry, but that’s YOU we’re talking about here!

What do you have to bribe him with?

We could say it’s your time! There’s no one else he’d rather be with than you! Really!

Okay, the truth is that there’s no one else who would be with him, but you don’t have to remind him (or you) of that little detail, now do you! But, more on the bribe shortly.

I can hear you asking now “So, LWYE, what’s my plan?”



Yes, Zumba. Exercise in the form of dancing by yourself to music!This is less threatening than actually dancing as he’s not required to coordinate motions with you – which is impossible for him, even though he wants very much to coordinate well!

First, how you explain it to him… and it’s only a few steps…

  1. You find yourself in need of a bit more exercise, and it’s only an hour, just before meeting friends for dinner or going to the pub, or wherever he likes to go on a Friday evening.
  2. It’s pretty much right on our way! (which removes any chance of him suggesting inconvenience as an excuse. Even if it’s not on your way, you can later say that YOU thought it was!)
  3. There will be lots of women gyrating in eye-pleasing ways (and please don’t tell him that he’ll be so confused trying to keep up with all the movements that it’ll be weeks before he actually gets to notice those other women).
  4. He can dance in the back corner where no one else will see him.
  5. You’ll be dancing right in front of him in a tight fitting outfit (ahh, there’s the bribe! You knew it would show up sooner or later!)

Is your engineer really that shallow that you waving your butt in front of him like that would be an attraction?

Bet on it!