Help me Andy! I can’t take any more!

Michelle writes:

Dear Andy,

You may be my last hope for saving our marriage! How do I get my husband to stop watching The Big Bang Theory? Every weekend he does his chores then sits down and watches an entire year’s episodes. Next week, the next year, and on and on. Every weekend!

Even the kids know every line of every show!

How can I get him to take up a more productive hobby?



Dear Michelle,

What??? He does the chores first!!! Your husband is incredibly well balanced! Most engineer husbands leave the chores until after the more important stuff, like family traditions. In this case, he obviously liked to share his time with the kids, probably having wonderful IQ developmental conversations on topics like why Einstein didn’t get it quite right with his General Theory of Relativity. Your children are probably already years ahead of their peers in math and physics. That’s worth celebrating, isn’t it – even if no one at school likes them because they talk like your husband!

But, if you really must put an end to this tradition, then be careful to honor it as having contributed to the wonderful family life you now enjoy. Suggest that, in the spirit of continuously learning about new things, perhaps it might be time for the family to try to make a new tradition.

As a bit of insurance against potential emotional breakdowns from your engineer, be sure to have a copy of Star Wars Episode 6 handy. It’s kind of like a soother for the engineer – the good guys win, there’s a BIG explosion, and the little guys everyone otherwise ignores get to play a big role in the successful outcome! I can’t predict which character he’ll identify with, but most engineers secretly cheer for the Ewoks!

Some times another project can catch his interest. Be careful what you ask for, as the following picture shows!

WHat happens when you send your engineer out to add a few Christmas lights to the garden!

The is what could happen when you send your engineer out to add a few Christmas lights to the garden!

Being emotionally challenged, most engineers need some regular form of reassurance that they are doing well. If he’s not getting these reassurances from you, then he will turn to another source for the emotional support he needs – in this case Sheldon, who reminds your husband in every episode of how much better you have it being married to him and not to Sheldon.

But, you can reclaim him from that cheap substitute! Ask your girlfriends whose husbands have cheated on them how they got their relationship back together. You need to be an emotional rock for your man! You can do it!

Logically yours,

Andy Risis