Home Renovations

Your engineer is willing to work hard – even away from his normal job – to give you the home of your dreams – in whatever form he understands your dreams.

Is it even slightly possible that he might mix up your dreams and his so that you don’t get exactly what you thought? Do bears live in the woods? OF COURSE! Let’s explain why!

Your engineer doesn’t have many night time dreams. After all, they are about the brain integrating the emotions and learning of the day, and your engineer doesn’t have many of EITHER of those, so there’s no real reason for the brain to be dreaming at night.

As to day time dreams? Well, that’s just wasting time, and being the efficiency expert (and ADHD sufferer) that your engineer is, he can’t tolerate wasting time!

There you have it – no real dreams of his own!

In fact your engineer relies on his childhood playground and university drinking memories to remind himself that everyday life has been (and therefore might possibly again be) fun! Those were the highlights of his social life thus far, so he’s inclined to use memories from those times as his dreams!

A couple of months ago, you asked for a spiral staircase, inspired by their beauty, elegance and effective use of floor space. You may have specified the finish – medium dark wood grain with open risers to allow light into the room.

And the result?

Look again at the stair photo for this posting. Was this what you had in mind? We think not! In fact, you probably didn’t even think such a thing was possible!

Now, you might think that this stairwell had been designed by an engineer with children. But you’d be wrong to think that. This high gloss, high sided slide would be far too dangerous for children, possibly even for grandchildren…  absolutely no engineer with his own family would do this!

This majestic stairwell slide combination would have been designed by a childless engineer – who is, in all likelihood, planning on remaining childless. This brilliant mind was looking to shave a few seconds off his own time getting down the stairs (again, the focus on efficiency) while simultaneously allowing himself to relive joyous times from his childhood. We can’t help but admire the effectiveness and utility of this design.

After all, shaving a few seconds off his time getting downstairs and safely out of the house while you are trying to whack him over the head for whatever less-than-fully-considered comment he launched while the two of you were visiting your best friend today is critical to your engineer’s long term survival! And he KNOWS that you are not going to use it, so he gains a real advantage in escaping near certain death, if not a full frontal lobotomy at your hands!

One other advantage to this innovative approach to stair design – you know exactly where to find your engineer and his engineering friends whenever they are over visiting!