Your engineer has always had to be innovative! Many engineers came from less wealthy families – who couldn’t afford the extensive psychological help necessary to create a normal adult from the socially awkward child your engineer once was (and may actually still be)!

Because the resources he wanted were scarce, the tools your engineer needed for a particular job were usually nowhere near at hand when needed! So common everyday objects had to be re-purposed.

Kitchen knives became screwdrivers; spoons became paint can openers; beer cases became bedside tables when covered with a folded sheet; your lingerie became… oops, we’re not going there! This is a family friendly web site after all!

Now that he’s all grown up and has access to significant corporate budgets to help find better solutions to technical problems, your engineer can truly show how innovative his mind can really be. Just look at the photo above!

Mere mortals (i.e. non-engineers) would likely think that using steel, welders, and cranes is the only way to effectively repair bridges. Your engineer would also prefer to use equipment and materials like that, but those things are costly, and sometimes there’s not enough money in the budget to do the job properly.

That’s when out of the box thinking is required. And THAT’s precisely when and where your engineer REALLY shines! Admit it, you already KNOW this – possibly too well!

What could possibly go wrong with taking a concept that worked really well with the small bridges he built as a child, and then had to constantly repair after the other children laughingly crushed his latest masterpiece?

What really????

And that’s why you love him isn’t it?

Everyone else’s husband would know better, but your engineer really wants to test everything, including some (at least in post mortem) very stupid ideas!

Yes, your engineer is one-of-a-kind! Who cares if your family and friends say “Amen” to that?

You know he’s just trying to find ways to make the world a better place.

After all, isn’t that what we all want?