Newton’s Third Law of Emotion

Guy asked

Can you provide some guru insight on Newton’s Third Law of Emotion for me?

Guy, we’re only too happy to oblige. Since we are engineers, we know most of the laws of nature. What we don’t know is how to use them to good effect in our everyday lives. Academically, we are brilliant! Practicality? –  not so much.

Newton’s Third Law of Emotion reads “For every male action there is a female overreaction

We believe this law emerged as an outgrowth (pun intended) of the second law of entropy – the laws which indicate that the universe trends towards and is destined to achieve a state of total randomness or chaos.

In their simplest form the 3 laws can be thought of as:
1) You can’t win.

2) You can’t break even
3) You can’t quit

The female overreaction can clearly be seen as part of Law 2, because if she didn’t overreact, the male might think that he might actually be breaking even. Notice that we didn’t include Law 1 in this explanation, as even the dullest of males – yes, even an engineer – knows that he can’t win in any discussion with a female!

Chemistry is such a simple thing!