That's what the door handle is for!


For most of us, life can be very challenging! It is that way for your engineer too

But, in his university days, your engineer was taught that complexity is an issue to be addressed by making simplifying assumptions – just like the one shown above!

To be fair, these simplifying assumptions do work well in technical problem solving! Skillful simplification has led to many of the great advances! BUT, none of those advances involved “normal” people in any way – at least not in the development phase!

How much easier does this knack of simplification make life for your engineer? You might find it hard to believe!

Some examples…

… the neighbor who dislikes your engineer because of his “know-it-all” approach to conversation? He’s just a “jackass”! Nothing to worry about!

… your co-workers who host parties where everyone attends, but you’re no longer being invited? “They are such awful hosts!

… the other soccer moms, who wait until you have set your chairs up before they set up 10 yards away? “Snobs! And stupid ones at that!”

We know! We know! YOU do care about what other people think about you and your husband! After all, getting along with others is a critical part of having a social life – of which you have almost none!

All we can say is that YOU are stressed about it, and HE isn’t!    Case closed!

Are we suggesting you should just move to Montana and resign yourself to the life of a hermit? Speaking on behalf of your engineer, the answer is a resounding NO”!

He knows he needs a social life – he just has no idea how to go about having one!

You might want to ask, “So, LWYE, is there a way you’d recommend that we use to help make that happen within the next decade? Is there a simple approach to fixing an intellect that likes to simplify excessively?”

Just who do you think we are? Miracle workers?

All you have to do is find a way to help him understand that life is complex, that there’s joy in learning to understand and deal with the complexities, and that he can do it himself with a little effort – all right, maybe a LOT of effort!

Always remember, divorce is damaging to the kids (which includes your engineer) and is way too expensive. Even the judge won’t believe the stories about how he drives you crazy!

Smile, and keep on manipulating!