Removing Blood Stains

Guido writes:


You guys is so smart and think you know everything. How do I remove blood stains from a carpet?


Just call me “Guido”


Dear “Guido”,

We usually get questions from frazzled spouses, possibly one whose engineer husband nicked himself while shaving this morning, and wasn’t self-aware enough to know that he was slowly bleeding onto the carpets. Initially, I was wondering if perhaps you are the engineer, and want to prevent such problems in the future, but it occurred to me that, if you were an engineer, you’d already know the answer!

I’d also like to assume that we’re talking about a small amount of blood here. We only deal with bleeding onto, not bleeding out onto – that creeps us out!

A far more important consideration came to mind. I asked myself why would you ask this question of an engineer? There are all kinds of web sites that tell you to use cold water, then cold water and detergents, etc. Even Biologists should do a better job answering this question than we would. Then it occurred to me that you must be looking for an “out of the box” answer. We engineers can be very creative when the situation calls for it!

As is typical for engineers, we take your problems seriously. Our suggested solution for spot removal of any kind would be to replace the carpet – preferably with a good used (i.e. less expensive) carpet we found somewhere else. If carpet is not easily accessible, then we vote for hardwood floors or possibly even tiles in an emergency.

The last resort is to knock down the house and start over. We usually recommend getting a building permit first – otherwise things might look a bit suspicious! I’m sure you don’t want to draw any attention to a little bit of blood accidentally spilled on the floor!

Hopefully, that was helpful!

Logically yours!