If your engineer is complaining that no one ever really listens to him – and certainly not for more than 2 minutes at a time – then you might want to consider helping him develop another of his latent skills.

Help him imagine a world where people will sit patiently – even taking notes – listening to every word he says. These people will ask questions of your engineer – and some of these questions might even reflect some form of innate intelligence on the part of the person asking. There could be whole discussions, the likes of which your engineer hasn’t had since leaving university! People might even stay behind once the group discussions are finished to ask for more detailed information from your engineer!

This idea will surely strain your engineer’s belief system, as he knows no one EVER asks him for MORE details – they always complain that he gives too much detail!

But then tell him that, in addition to this already hard-to-believe scenario,  that he can actually be paid to do this!



On this earth????

Your engineer places a lot of value on all the things that he knows – he was educated to do precisely that! His wildest dream is to be generally acknowledged as an incredibly brilliant and insightful individual. There is simply no more likely place for this to happen than in front of a classroom!

Local schools, colleges, even the Y are always on the lookout for new courses they can offer to people in the area. Technical skills are in huge demand. Courses like “How to start your computer 101” fill up everywhere as older adults struggle to keep up with current technology.

As an extra benefit, these older people are grateful for the opportunity to learn about technology, so they will completely overlook any social awkwardness on the part of the teacher. After all, who else but a geek to teach a technology class! Their friends will give them bonus points, and your engineer will be in a place where his intelligence is respected, even admired! He might even get a confidence boost!

How do you get him started on his marvelous adventure in continuing education? Contact a Part Time Studies administrator at a nearby educational institution. They will show your engineer how they make it easy to create a class. They will advertise it, sign up the students, collect their tuition, schedule the classrooms, and then send a paycheck! Nothing administrative for your engineer to dojust the way he likes it.

And you?

You gain 3 hours or more a week without having to worry about what he’s doing to destroy your social life now!