Your engineer doubts himself! Why wouldn't he doubt everyone else!

The Doubting Engineer

Your engineer seems to question everything you do or say. It’s enough to drive you batty, or worse yet, to think about using a baseball bat to whack him a few times on the side of the head to knock some sense into him. What’s going on here, LWYE? Why can’t he just take what I say without the need to question everything?

Well, let’s drop back a bit on this one. The first thing you must know is that it’s not personal and it’s not just you! If you looked at the picture above, you will have seen that your engineer questions almost everything HE does.

So why the need for double and triple checking EVERYTHING?

Well, if you believed the quality of your life revolved around your ability to be RIGHT, you’d want to check everything as well.

A reminder (as if you needed it!) that your engineer is a bit emotionally immature. While he can be very smug when proven right, he has little ability to withstand the damage caused to his psyche and ego caused by preventable errors.

What makes an error preventable? If there was any calculation, any communication, any design, any analysis that involved your engineer that subsequently turned out to be less than 100% correct, then your engineer KNOWS that some of the fault will be attributed to him. It’s a cross that he HAS to bear, since he knows how high his IQ is, and that everyone else must surely think that he should have been able to figure it out.

By now, alarm bells are likely blaring in your head! We did say “communication” in that last paragraph. And you know how good your engineer is at communication, don’t you!

Is there a chance that he’s had a miscommunication about virtually every issue that’s attracted his widely spread attention span? Of course! That bet is a virtual certainty!

So, you might ask, “Is your engineer going through life blaming himself for a variety of failures that have occurred across all aspects of his life“?

Ha! That’s really funny!

Your engineer is far too stupid in key ways to fall into THAT trap!

Your engineer developed self defense mechanisms as a teenager, designed to protect the last few remnants of his fragile ego! He’s become very good at identifying why other people should get most of the blame for virtually anything – even if every other person involved knows that the problem was 100% because of your engineer.

So, it’s become necessary for him to attack virtually anything and everything that he suspects might be incorrect. That way, he’s ready if things turn out wrong!

And, since your engineer is such a wonderfully adjusted social machine(!), the next thing to turn out wrong should occur in … okay, any time now!

Quick! Where can you hide?!

As always, you should be grateful for your engineer. Every one of your friends complains about how their husband believes almost anything that comes along. You don’t have their problem, now do you?

Finally, be thankful that you didn’t marry an accountant. No matter how bad it might be, your engineer at least has a sense of humor. Smile, and enjoy another day full of wonder.

You are welcome!