The Parenting Engineer

Your engineer is extremely protective of the little ones in your shared life. After all, he knows from personal experience how men can think!

During the late teens and early twenties of his life he was in Engineering School – still (unfortunately) a mostly male bastion, hanging around with 500 to 1000 other brilliant individuals who also found themselves to be societal outcasts throughout their high school years. The fact that all of them were outcasts is not even slightly surprising since the sum of their combined social skills adds up to about the same level as a couple of teenaged girls.

What?” you ask. How could we compare the combined social skills of 1000 engineering students with that of 2 teenaged girls? You’re right! We went a bit too far!

The only reason that there are 2 teenage girls on the one side of the comparison is that teenage girls have not yet become well balanced members of society. Perhaps a better comparison would be to say that the combined Emotional Intelligence of the entire graduating class from Engineering School is pretty much equivalent to that on stage when any female Arts graduate walks across that stage to get her diploma!

So, how does such an emotionally backwards person behave as a parent?

Naturally, he solves problems – especially ones in his mind that haven’t yet happened in the real world. Imagine your 11 year old daughter going out with her 12 BFFs – a mixed group of girls and boys who have been friends for 5 years or more. The group is being driven by two parents with vans, to see a movie as a group. What could possibly go wrong here?

Well, your engineer husband reasons that one or more of the boys is likely to have an older brother. Reasonable, so far – yes? Now what if that brother has become aware of the possible benefits of having a girlfriend in his life – especially if this older brother hasn’t actually had a girlfriend yet, so that he’s not learned to keep his mouth closed when thinking those thoughts!

Yep! It’s not much of a step for the well trained problem solving machine in your life to jump to the possibility of that little rascal wanting to sit in the back row and play Doctor.

From there, you can certainly see the necessity of him giving an introductory speech to all the uses of a shotgun to the boys in the crowd. In spite of this motivational speech, nothing happens at the movie – which you always knew would be the case.

Or suppose your 13 year old son is going to an all night sleepover party with his male friends. Even though the parents are going to be home, your engineer knows that the boys would like to sneak out and visit with a group of girls staying a few blocks away.

The answer to how to prevent late night sorties by a group of young lads bent on potential trouble? Buy a drone, and announce to the son and his friends that he will be watching all night to ensure that no one leaves the house without an adult knowing!

Your engineer is proud of his ability to prevent problems which almost certainly would have occurred if he hadn’t taken significant and decisive preventative action.

One other side benefit of these preventative actions? Your son or daughter are no longer invited to events put on by their friends. Your engineer is even more ecstatic, as he’s now saved the two of you endless grey hair which could have been caused by worrying about what might have happened if your daughter or son had actually gone out with their friends regularly, continuing to develop towards being fully functional, well balanced adults! How truly thoughtful your engineer is!

As always, you should be grateful for your engineer. Every one of your friends worries about their children staying at home for years after high school, limiting their ability to enjoy their own life. You don’t have their problem, now do you?

Finally, be thankful that you didn’t marry an accountant. No matter how bad it might be, your engineer at least has a sense of humor. Smile, and enjoy another day full of wonder.

You are welcome!