The Practical Engineer

Your engineer almost always knows a short, effective way to deal with technical issues! That’s the great news about having him around!!!!

The downside????

If the mood is upon him, he’s just as likely to try to get creative – completely ignoring the simple solution in favor of testing some convoluted concept that was magically inserted into his brain by the writers at Saturday Night Live! What moods should you be on guard for?

A few suggestions (along with sample potential causes of these moods) would be:

  • Boredom – occurring about 10 minutes after you start a conversation trying to see if you can get any kind of emotional response from him
  • Playfulness – which can occur for any reason, given his child-like emotions management skill set
  • Anger –  possibly caused by things not going your engineer’s way (which usually occurs about every 3 hours, or so, given his substantial people skills)
  • Frustration – perhaps some poor feedback at work, from his friends, or from a stranger who just met him 10 minutes ago.
  • Happiness – usually when the home team wins the big game
  • Sadness – when the home team loses the big game (you’ll note that you CAN’T win when your engineer is a sports fan!)
  • Anxiety – is there an upcoming visit from your family?

Yep, that pretty much covers every emotion that your engineer knows how to feel! What we’re telling you is that any project is an opportunity to display the intellect which instills such pride in your mother-in-law!

You just know that a video of your engineer’s exploit would get about a zillion hits on YouTube, which might generate just about enough revenue to allow you to recoup the costs that were sunk in trying to implement the hair-brained idea in the first place, as well as the costs of getting someone in who actually KNOWS how to fix the problems he created in the process of fixing the original problem!

At least you can get him some well-deserved publicity for his brilliance – we can post a description in our “Your Engineer Did WHAT?” category, so that you can re-post it on your Facebook account and have all your family and friends join you in a bit of mirth. At least you’ll feel better!

To soften any blow to your engineer’s ego (he won’t likely view publicizing his exploits badly, but that’s another story)  we’ll even try to post an explanation of what your engineer MIGHT have been thinking when he concocted his scheme. Since it will appear to your engineer that we are on his side, and would clearly have done the same thing under similar circumstances, he’ll suffer no intellectual indignities while everyone you know is laughing!

As always, you should be grateful for your engineer. Every one of your friends has to call an actual handyman who comes in, does the job right the first time, and then overcharges. You don’t have their problem, now do you?

Finally, be thankful that you didn’t marry an accountant. No matter how bad it might be, your engineer at least has a sense of humor. Smile, and enjoy another day full of wonder.

You are welcome!