The Traveling Engineer

Engineers just love to travel with their familymuch more than they love traveling on business.

Why the difference? Let’s be honest here. Given the choice between hanging around with this visiting geek or going home to a loving family and a home cooked meal (or even warmed up 3 day leftovers for that matter), which would you choose?

When he’s traveling with family, your engineer has guaranteed company all day long! They even understand his humor – even if they don’t like it.

Yes, there is no doubt. Your engineer much prefers traveling with the people to whom he feels most connected.

But what will the experience be like for you?

First off – if you want to enjoy your trip together, be prepared to take charge. Your engineer will rent a vehicle which is too large, and a room which is too small, on the inexpensive side, and not necessarily up to your standards of comfort. Nothing like cramming the family into a tight space for creating a relaxing bonding experience for all – especially teenaged children!

The tours that your engineer will have set up for the family will be largely educational – tours of the local industries are a particular favorite. After all, HE loves to know how things are made! There is simply nothing like sitting in a small room watching a slide presentation on the manufacturing process for left handed aisle wideners to improve the children’s motivation for learning!

And if it’s just the two of you traveling for a romantic getaway?  Well you can bet that the things he thinks are romantic are not the same things you find romantic. You wanted to dress up, with relaxed dinners over wine, fancy drinks by the pool with long periods of conversation to get back in touch with each other, and shows or dancing in the evening.

So what would he plan?
1. Breakfast in bed – which doesn’t sound too bad until you realize it was simply an excuse to keep you naked.
2. Lunch over beers in the sports bar.
3. Afternoons by the pool – the one with the really loud music playing!
4. Evenings at a movie or in front of the TV – anything so that HE doesn’t have to entertain you all by himself!

The best advice? Do it yourself – or be disappointed, bored, irritated, or all three! He’ll be happy you did!

As always, you should be grateful for your engineer. Every one of your friends wonders what crazy vacation idea their husband will demand next year! You don’t have their problem, now do you?

Finally, be thankful that you didn’t marry an accountant. No matter how bad it might be, your engineer at least has a sense of humor. Smile, and enjoy another day full of wonder.

You are welcome!